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Participation de d.u.M.s au bal des traders le le 17 juin 2010 de 18h00 à 20h00 sur Second Life.


The Traders’ Ball by Fred Forest, a ferdinand(corte)™ production

June 11 - July 2

The Lab Gallery

The Roger Smith Hotel

501 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY. 10017


"With his trademark over the top irony, Fred Forest rubs salt in the wounds of the free market banking industry, mocking their response to the financial crisis that has shaken the world. This project includes an installation with mannequins, dressed as traders, dancing the night away in The Lab Gallery and parallel scenes of jovial ignorance taking place via Second Life, in The Experimental Center of the Territory, presented in the gallery on large screens. The action is set to music by New York rapper Jamalski, featuring Devon Clarke, who created a syncopated beat based on fluctuations of the financial markets".



Tag(s) : #Globalisation
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